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Case Erectors


The CHS-6701 is a Vertical type Automatic Carton Erector. This system is suitable for automatic inline production. It erects cases of different sizes and seals the bottom side of carton with tape or hot glue on demand.

  • Installed with touch-screen panel.
  • Suitable for inline product packaging system, opening, forming, folding and sealing accomplished inline.
  • Easy to adjust for different size of carton.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Japanese pneumatic's.
  • Designed to give easy operation.
  • Installed with safety signal device and the deficiency alarm for carton storage.
  • Function: SIDE DRIVE
  • Power Supply: 230V, single phase 50Hz
  • Power Supply: 800W
  • Carton Size: L 250~500MM, W 170~400MM, H 90~550MM
  • Magazine can hold up to 100 cartons
  • Capability: 8-12 CTN/MIN (depends on carton's size and material)
  • Working Table Height: 620mm
  • Air Compressor: 6 bar required
  • Machine Size : 2210(L) x 1650(W) x 1700(H) mm