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Shrink Wrapping Machines

  • The procedure of plastic film packing from feeding, sealing, shrinking runs automatically. It is suitable for inline production
  • Auto L Type Sealer is available for various kinds of films such as OPP, PP, PE, and POF film.
  • Vertical photo sensor or horizontal photo sensor are available according to size of product.
  • Easy operating. Only need to load product onto in-feed conveyor.
  • Auto L Type Sealer is a energy saving product and works efficiently.
  • Easy maintenance and operation.
  • Auto scrap film rewind unit
  • No smoke produced when sealing or cutting.
  • The conveyor width for auto L-type sealer can be adjusted fast and easily pack different size of products.
  • Moveable conveyor is available. It is suitable for small product or customized specifications.


  • Power Supply: 230V, single phase
  • Watts: 1.5 KW
  • Sealing Size: 500(L) x 450(W) mm
  • Packing Speed: 0~18 m/min
  • Packaging Height: 10~120 mm
  • Air Compressor: 6 KG/cm2
  • Machine Size: 1600(L) x 950(W) 1450(H) mm

Suitable shrink wrap system for use in the following industries, Food, Fruits, Salty Foods, Toys Stationery, Drugs, Electronic Products, Cosmetics, Books, Videos, CDs, Hardware parts, and accessories, etc.

  • Teflon Mesh Belt or Stainless Mesh
  • Double Rollers
  • Custom Paint
  • Digital temperature control

Pneumatic type Sealing & Shrink Packaging Machine.

  • The machine combines sealing device with shrinking device.
  • Pneumatic seal arm. It can be also be switched to manual sealing.
  • This machine is designed with automatic conveyor. Products will be delivered into shrink tunnel automatically after sealing & cutting process.
  • Conveyor height can be adjusted. Its sealing height can be adjusted depending on product size.
  • Hot air cycling tunnel.
  • Power Supply: 415V, 3 phase
  • Watts: 11 KW
  • Sealing Size: 500(L) x 400(W) x 200(H) mm
  • Tunnel Size: 800(L) x 400(W) x 200(H) mm
  • Packaging Height: 5~200 mm
  • Conveyor Height: 800 mm
  • Machine Size: 2600(L) x 760(W) x 1580(H) mm

Shrink wrap system suitable for use in the following industries  food, electronics, stationery toys, fruits salted materials, metal wares, tools, cosmetic, clothing,  electronic appliances.

Isotype Specifications Comparison
  • Model - CHM-4050N
  • Power Supply - 415V 3 phase
  • Watts - 11 KW
  • Sealing size - L= 500 W =400 x H =200mm
  • Tunnel Size - L800x400x200MM
  • Packaging Height - 5~200MM
  • Conveyor width - 800mm
  • Machine size - L =2100 x W =1500 x H =2000mm

  • Model - CHM-4060BN
  • Power Supply - 415V 3 phase
  • Watts - 11.5 KW
  • Sealing size - L= 600 W =400 x H =200mm
  • Tunnel Size - L800x400x200MM
  • Packaging Height - 5~200MM
  • Conveyor width - 800mm
  • Machine size - L =2200 x W =1600 x H =2100mm

The SP 600 PLUS MB INOX 2500 is an automatic Flow Pack wrapping machine, built to wrap a wide range of products automatically with certain thermo-sealing materials.

The machine is used for the wrapping of solid products (including food, meat & fish) individually, which, within the dimensions specified in the technical data sheet, is necessary in its protection against external agents and allows working from both in vacuum (with a vacuum unit back) as in retractable with the appropriate film and a retracting tunnel. 

  • Machine Size: 6025mm(L) x 1825mm(W) x 1965mm(H)
  • Production: From 40-80 packs/min
  • Product Dimensions: 
    Minimum length of 75mm and maximum length depends, on product. Minimum width of 10mm and maximum weidth of 480mm. Minimum height of 5mm and maximum height of 230mm.
  • Installed power of 15.4Kw, voltage of 400V.III